About us

The library was established in 2008 the same year when college Established. College Library serves an internal role for providing academic knowledge and information services to the students and faculty as well. The library not only provides facility for reading to the students and faculty but also facilitates in projects and research work. We have institutional membership of American Center Library where in at a time 20 books, 10 back issues of periodicals and 5 DVDs borrowed by us for the benefit of our students and faculties for additional information resources useful to them in their activities.

Library Collection

Books : 7376

Journals and Magazines : 20

CDs : 89

Newspapers : 10

E-Resource :N-List Database

Our College Subscribed it N-LIST database. This database provides access of e-resources to students, researchers and faculties. It Provide access to 6328 E-Journals and 138521 E-Books.

Library Rules and Regulation

  1. Student must wear Identity card while in the library and must produce the same whenever demanded from library staff.
  2. One book for 7 days on library card can be issued.
  3. In case of overdue books, fine will be charged as per rule.
  4. Reading copies are to be used after depositing Identity card with the Circulation Counter.
  5. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the library.
  6. Silence is required in the study area. Loud conversations, standing in groups, discussions is forbidden.
  7. Student have to bring their own Library Card. Any other Library Card will be forfeited

Library Team

  1. Niriksha Sompura Librarian
  2. Satya Shetty Assistant Librarian
  3. Ravindra Jamkhandi Library Attendent
  4. Parshuram Gadekar Library Attendent

Library Working Scheduled

  1. Working days of the Library: Monday to Saturday
  2. Working Hours: 7.45 AM to 6.00 PM
  3. Library Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays

Library week

It is celebrated to commemorate the birth centenary of father of Indian libraries Dr. S R Ranganathan in the 3rd week of August.

Library Orientation

Every year the library conducts Library Orientation program for new comers to make them aware of the library facilities available for them.