Sensitizing about social work and undertake social responsibility on behalf of institute


  • To undertake the social responsibility on behalf of the institution.
  • To connect the society and the institution by means of welfare measures.
  • To inculcate the social values in the students.
  • To co-ordinate, collaborate with Governmental and Non-governmental organisations for adopting measures for social development.

Committee Members (2021-22)


Year 2021-22

  • World environment day poster making competition online:

ISR organized a poster making competition on the account of World Environment Day-2021.Posters were based on theme: “Protection of mother Earth During Pandemic”. Posters were collected through Google forms between 5th June to 13th June, 2021

  • Webinar on world environment day:

ISR in Association with RPH organised online webinar on teams platform on the topic Of Nature unlock. The resource person was Ms Rashmi Joshi, Environment consultant, More than 150 students and faculties attended webinar.

  • ISR organised online Envoventure Campaign:

ISR in association with BMS organised online Envoventure Campaign on 7th September for video and Instagram reels competition based on Covid protocols to be followed during Ganesh chaturthi.

  • Envoventure Nirmalaya contribution:

Continuing with legacy of last 8 years, ISR contributed 1000 kgs nirmalayas during pandemic, with the help of Student council and all students who contributed and brought nirmalayas after segregation.

  • Compost pit activity:

ISR committee in association with IQAC conducted compost pit donation drive and utilised the organic compost for plantations in the campus. So the natural compost made in the premises was utilised as manure.

  • E Waste collection drive:

ISR in Association with IQAC conducted e Waste collection drive in the month of February and approximately 200 kgs of E waste were gathered in the premises with the help of staff and students which were allocated for safe recycling with Ms rashmi Joshi, environment consultant.

Year 2020-21

  • World Environment Day observation

Internal Quality Assurance Cell in association with ISR and NSS organized an intercollegiate poster making competition on the account of World Environment Day-2020. Posters were based on theme : “Nature heals: Lockdown Effect”. It started from 5th June to 8th June, 2021. 124 participants enrolled for Poster making competition. Students participated from 7 different states including Tamil Nadu, Jammu Kashmir, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh etc. 52 successfully submitted their poster on stipulated time. All qualifying participants have been issued Participation certificates.

  • Online Envoventure Campaign

ISR, NSS and DLLE in association with BMS Dept organised an online Envoventure Campaign for spreading awareness on safe practices to be observed during Ganesha chaturthi in this situation of Pandemic. It includes creation and display of E material in the form of posters, micro blogs, jingles, videography, etc and it’s exhibit on college’s official social media sites and website . The so called activity was taken as E- Envoventure which is our best practice .The campaign was conducted from August 22nd till 1st September 2020. All the volunteers enthusiastically participated in this campaign. Overall , more than 25 participants took part in this comprising volunteers from Almuni, ISR, NSS, DLLE, BMS, MCOM, BMM, BAF, BSCIT, BCOM Dept. Social awareness videos, GIFs, E posters, Jingles were created and were exhibited on College’s official social media sites like Facebook and Instagram accounts. The following table shows the details of Endeavours.

  • Composting activity

In Association with Ms Rashmi Joshi, Environment consultant, ISR conducted composting activity on February 13, 2021 in the college premises in the compost pit area where the organic waste , bio degrable waste like flowers, kitchen waste and leaves etc were collected and mixed with culture components.

  • E waste Dispose off

In Association with Ms Rashmi Joshi, Environment consultant, ISR conducted E waste recycling process on 3rd March, 2021 by disposing off the reusable and recyclable electronic items with the help of resource person. In all, 406 kgs of e-waste was send for recycling and college received certificate of appreciation from Government body relating to responsible citizen initiative.

Year 2019-20

  • Envoventure
  • EkmuthiYojana
  • Solid Waste Collection
  • No plastic day
  • No Vehicle Day
  • AIDS awareness Street Play
  • Free Career Guidance for school students

Year 2018-19

  • Envoventure
  • EkmuthiYojana
  • Cleanliness and Beautification of Chunabatti Station

Year 2017-18

  • Envoventure
  • Waste Collection Drive week
  • Outreach activities in nearby schools
  • Survey in Nearby Schools

Year 2016-17

  • Envoventure

Year 2015-16

  • Envoventure
  • Free Eye Check up
  • Donation of books and stationery
  • Seminar on Organ Donation
  • Street play on Suicide Prevention