Faculty publication


Bunts Sangha Mumbai’s Anna leela College of Commerce and Economics

Shobha Jayaram Shetty College For BMS

Prof Prashant Shinde

Publications, Research Papers Presented, and seminars attended:

  • Co-Authored book with ISBN No. on Human Resource Management for TYBMS with Thakur Publications in May 2013.
  • Paper titled, “Adoption of IFRS, Challenges for India” published in International referred journal with ISSN no-2250-2556, International Research and Review, in April 2012 Issue.
  • Paper titled, “Falling Indian Rupee, Causes and Measures” published in International referred journal with ISSN no-0974-2832, Shodh, Samiksha Aur Mulyankan, in February 2014 Issue. (Impact Factor-1.0060 UIF)
  • Presented Research Paper at International Level Conference at Utkal University, Bhuvaneshwar in All India Commerce Conference organized by Indian Commerce Association in December 2014 titled “A Study on Effectiveness of Sales Promotion Measures on Youth by Online Retail Shops with Reference to Mumbai City”.
  • Presented Research Paper in One Day International Conference held at RADAV College in Bhandup in March 2015, titled “A Study of Awareness of Banking Skills Among the Degree Students in Mumbai City”. ISSN no-2319-7935 (Impact Factor-2.1632 UIF)
  • Presented paper in One Day National Level Conference held at K.P.B. Hinduja College, Mumbai, titled “A Study Of Self Help Groups As A Tool For Women Empowerment With Reference To Badlapur City” in October 2015.
  • Presented paper in National Level Conference held at Pragati College, Dombivli, titled “Study of Effectiveness of Customer Relationship Management Techniques Adopted by Online Retail Shops in Mumbai City” in January 2015.(ISBN No. 978-81-931391-0-3)
  • Presented paper in National Level Conference held at Smt. Jankibai Salvi College, Kalwa, titled “Micro-Finance Sector in India: Emerging Challenges and Prospects” in September 2013.(ISBN 978-93-81-578-99-5)
  • Presented paper in National Level Conference held at Pragati College, Dombivli, titled “Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Economy vis-à-vis Chinese Economy” in February 2013.(ISBN 978-93-5097-614-2)
  • Presented paper in National Level Conference held at Pragati College, Dombivli, titled “Micro-Finance – A Powerful Tool of Upliftment of Bottom-Class People” in February 2011.
  • Presented paper at State Level Interdisciplinary Seminar at Adarsh College of Arts and Commerce, Badlapur on “Comparative Study of Performance of India and China in International Trade” in January 2011.

Prof. Sachin Pimple

International Conference

  • Goods & Service Tax in India: Opportunities & Challenges, Make in India

National Conference

  • Women Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship (Co-Author), India 2020 –Opportunities & Challenges,2015
  • Popularity of equity Markets as an Investment Preference, Indian Financial Markets : Issues & Challenges

Prof. Amandeep Singh Manku

Details of Books Authored
Sr. No Titled of the book Publisher Year ISBN No.
1) ‘Principle of Management’ Sheth Publication


First edition (2012-13) ISBN No: 978-93-82429-01-02


Revised Edition (2014-15) ISBN No: 978-93-83497-61-4
2) ‘Introduction to Management’ Sheth Publication


2012-13 ISBN No: 978-93-83497-54-6
3) ‘Foundation Course – II “Value Education and Soft Skill” Sheth Publication


2014-15 ISBN No: 978-93-5149-151-4
4) Cost Accounting-III Sheth Publication


2014-15 ISBN No: 978-93-5149-273-3
5) Cost Accounting-IV Sheth Publication


2015-16 ISBN No: 978-93-5149-408-9
6) Equity & Debt Market Sheth Publication


2015-16 ISBN No: 978-93-5149-443-0

International Conference

  • Co-Presented Research Paper at International level Conference at MVM’s Degree College of Commerce & Science, Andheri (West), Paper titled “ Goods & Service Tax (GST) in India : Opportunities & Challenges” held on 27th February, 2016. (ISSN No: 2394-4560

National Conference

  • Presented Research paper at National Level Conference at Pragati College, Dombivali Paper titled “International Financial Reporting standards” in March 2012.
  • Presented Research paper at National Level Conference at Pragati College, Dombivali Paper titled ‘Human Resource Accounting: A pioneering Model in the age of Globalization’ held on 12th Feb, 2013. (ISBN No: 978-93-5907-612-8)
  • Co-Presented Research paper at National Level Conference at Smt. Janakibai Rama Salvi College, at Kalwa Paper titled Role of NABARD & Other Bank towards Small Help Group Growth held on 14th September, 2013. (ISBN No: 978-93-81-578-99-5)
  • Presented Research paper at National Level Conference at S. M. Shetty College of management Studies, Powai Paper titled Impacts of E- Learning on Education and Challenges of E- Learning in India held on 23 August, 2014. (ISBN No: 978-93-5142-876-3)
  • Co-Presented Research Paper at National level Conference at Anna Leela college of Commerce & Economics, Kurla (E) Paper titled “Relationship between lecture attendance and academic performance in an undergraduate course for Accountancy subject” held on 21st February, 2015. (ISBN No: 978-93-5202-817-7)
  • Co-Presented Research Paper at National level Seminar organized by Indian Accounting Association (Gujarat Branch) & M.S. University of Baroda, paper titled “Revised Indian Accounting Standard & Its unfavorable Impact” held on 10th January, 2016. (ISBN No.:978-93-844418-47-2)

State Level  Seminar/Conference

  • Presented paper at State Level Conference at P.D. Karkhanis College, Ambernath (E), Paper titled FDI in India Challenges & Opportunities held on 9th Feb, 2013.

(ISBN No: 978-93-5097-612-8

Prof. Rupa Patel Karnik

  • International Journal Publication
  1. “Hiding Voice data in centre density of Speech Spectrum for Secure Transmission” ,IJRET- International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, Volume 5 , Issue 1,January 2016 (Impact factor of IJRET : 3.127)
  2. “Comparative Performance Analysis of Channel Normalization Techniques”, IJRET-International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, Volume 4 , Issue 5 , May 2015 ,pp 361-364(Impact factor of IJRET : 2.375)( DOI: 15623/ijret.2015.0405068)
  3. ” Secure Transmission of Password using Speech Watermarking”, International Journal of Computer Science and Technology, Volume 2 ,Issue 3, Sep 2011,pp 315-318
  • International Conference Publications
  1. “Security issues in Speech Watermarking for Information Transmission”, AMOC 2011,December 5-7 2011 ,IIT Roorkee, pp. 119.
  2. ” Normalization Techniques for Hiding Speaker Identity”, IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Engineering., Cochin, 18-20 July 2012,pp 75-80.
  3. Hiding Speakers Characteristics for Security”, IEEE International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies, Coimbatore, 26-28 July 2012.
  4. “Two Level Security Implementation for Voice Data Transmission” IEEE international conference ICETET 2012,5-7 Nov 2012,Japan, pp. 243-247.
  • National Conference Publication
  1. “E-Stego- An approach for Secure Data Transmission”, National Conference on Recent Trends in Information Security,24-25 January 2013.

“Extractive and Abstractive Text Summerization: A contrasting Approach towards creating Text”, 4th National Conference PANACEA 2015 on Indigenous Management Practices,24th March 2015


Research Cell of Anna Leela College of Commerce & Economics, organized a One Day State Level Workshop on“Research Methodology & ResearchProposal for Ph.D”On 11 th March, 2017 that is on Saturday.

Organizing Committee Members included

  •  Prof. Prashant Shinde (Principal I/C)
  •  Prof. Lekha Dhagat (Convener)
  •  Prof. Amandeep Singh Manku (Member)
  •  Prof. Sachin Pimple (Member)
  •  Prof. Krishna Shukla (Member)
  •  Prof. Nitin Dwivedi (Member)
  •  Prof. Viraj Deshpande (Member)

Prof. Viraj Deshpande  

  • Presented paper in International Conference on Globalization and Women titled  “Women and Media: A survey of mindsets and possible solutions” in K.C. Law College, Churchgate  (11th October 2014)  Proceedings published: ISBN no.978-93-83072-58-3


  • Presented Paper in Multidisciplinary National Seminar on ‘Global Awakening in the Ocean of Commerce and Business: I.T. and Varied Undercurrents’ titled “Exposition of Challenges in RTI: A Search for Solutions” in K.B. College of Arts and Commerce for Women,Thane ( 24th January 2015) Proceedings published: ISBN no. 978-93-5202-546-6.

Prof. Kiran Gajjar

One Day National Conference on “Contemporary Issues in Management: A Pathway for Vision 2020.” Organized by
Department of Commerce, R.A.D.A.V College,  at Mumbai. E-Banking in India: A Path Towards Vision 2020.
One Day Interdisciplinary Seminar on “Enhancing Quality in Higher Education: Challenges and Issues” Organized by
I.Q.A.C of  R.A.D.A.V College at Mumbai.  Need, Benefits and Drawbacks of FDI in Indian Higher Education


One Day State Level Conference on “Indian Accounting Standards”(Ind AS) – Issues and Challenges in Implementation Organized by Anna Leela College of Commerce & Economics , Indian Accounting Standards Convergence with IFRS : Benefits and Challenges

An interdisciplinary National Conference on “Multidimensional Approach Through Extension for Sustainable Development.
Indian Corporate Environmental Accounting & Reporting Practice: The Issues and Challenges.

National Conference organized by Lala Lajpatrai College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai,  Maharashtra.
Skill Gap Analysis between Industry Employability – Educational Institutes


Prof. Manoj R. Verma  

Asst. Director of Physical Education & Sports

  • Book Published

Name/ Title of book: – Traditional Exercise for Fitness & Mental health of junior college

Publisher: – LAPLAMBERT Academic Publishing    Year: – 2016-17

ISBN No.:- 978-3-380-06797-4

  • International conference

Effect of Suryanamaskara for the Promotion of Health Related Physical Fitness of School Boys Age 14 To 16 , INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON FITNESS, WELLNESS & SPORTS SCIENCES, at LNIPE Gwalior M.P.November 20-22,

  • National conference

Effect of Traditional Exercises Training Programme on Mental Health of Junior College Boys.  (AASP-2017-91), Chandigarh Punjab , March, 18-19, 2017

Name of Faculty Department Achivement
Prof. Surekha Shetty Department of B.M.S Secured Third Rank in Research Paper Presentation at 1st International Conference of Empirical and Theoretical Reasearch at Jerusalem, Isreal organised by International Board for Education, Research and Development from May 28 to June 2, 2019.
Dr. Padma Deshmukh Principal Appointed as Honorary Visiting professor in the Department of Micro Biology at B.K. Birla College  to promote research culture amongs Post Graduate Students on 26/07/2019
C.A Kiran Gajjar Department of Commerce Declared as Best Paper Presentor at National Seminar on Sustainable Development: Issues and Challenges organised by Shree Narayan Guru College of Commerce on 17th Feb 2018.
Dr. Kiran Manglan Department of BAF Awarded the 2nd Place in the presentation of research paper at 12th Annual International Research Conference Organised by St Francis Institute of Management & Research as on 10th February 2017
Dr. Kiran Manglan Department of BAF Awarded the 2nd Place in the presentation of research paper at 12th Annual International Research Conference Organised by St Francis Institute of Management & Research as on 17th February 2018