1. To maintain discipline in the campus, college premises, classroom.
  2. To achieve the goal of creating a safe, motivating and accepting college environment by supporting the use of positive attitudes and practices.
  3. To uptake corrective measures for inappropriate behaviour including progressive discipline comprising suspension and expulsion where necessary.
  4. The committee will assist the college authorities in its efforts to completely eradicate use of alcohol and other drugs, eve teasing, physical violence against teachers, fellow students and fellow residents, etc. Indulging in such criminal and anti-social activities will attract strictest disciplinary action including dismissal.


  1. To frame the rules and regulations of the committee.
  2. To make sure that all the students are aware of the discipline of the college and campus.
  3. To encourage the students to maintain discipline wherever necessary.
  4. If any indiscipline found by any of the students, warn them on the first instance. Take disciplinary action based on the Rules and Regulations of the committee, if found with indiscipline behavior by the same students repeatedly.

Committee Members

Prof. Nitin Dwivedi Convener
Prof. Surekha Shetty Member
Prof. Viraj Deshpanday Member