Department of B.Com (Accounting and Finance)

Academic activities:

  • Bridge test:

It was conducted for First year students to identify their weak subjects and guide them accordingly. A small test was conducted to identify the same and the following subjects were taken up for course Economics, Maths and Accounts based on their performance.

  • Continuous Internal Evaluation(CIE):

It was set up with a view to make students learn the subject continuously wherein objective form question where prepared to test their performance. This test was conducted twice in a semester in a lecture hour itself.

  • Intensive and extensive coaching:

Based on the performance of CIE intensive extensive groups were identified and time to time assignments (Paper solving), guidance, extra lecture and case study work was conducted for bringing improvement in result.

  • Mentor Mentee System:
    A group of faculties known as mentors were equally assigned to all students known as mentees. Fortnightly meetings were held between mentor mentees and all problems relating to academic, career and personal counselling were discussed.


Other Activities (2021-22)

  • 5 Days Virtual Students Development Programme in Connotation with Bombay Stock Exchange

The Event was conducted through online platform of Google meet. The following is the details:

  • 1st September to 6th September 2021
  • 4th October to 8th October 2021
  • 22nd November to 26th November 2021

The Students were guided about the different dimension of Capital Market which includes the working of the Stock Market, Fundamental Analysis of the Stock Exchange , Mutual Funds, Derivatives Market and Live Terminal By the Speaker Muzibar Shaikh.

Business Day
The Department of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) organized an event named “Business Day” on 10th February 2022. The event was organized with the motive of inculcating entrepreneurial skill among the students to transform them from student phase to business leader.There were total 12 number of stalls put up by the students which included food stalls, game stalls, garments stalls, Cosmetics stalls etc.

Other Activities (2020-21)

  • Webinar based on Stock Market for Beginners

It was conducted on 13th February, 2021. The webinar was in association with BIAP- Board of Industry and Academia Partnership. Dr. Riya Nathani, Official SEBI trainer was resource person. Webinar was arranged on zoom platform and 76 students of first year, second year and third year BAF attended it. Webinar was about some tips on stock market and operations carried out for earning from the same. At the end of session, there was questions and Answer session, in which the queries of students were solved.

Other Activities (2019-20):

  • Bombay Stock Exchange visit:

Visit to Bombay Stock Exchange was organized for TYBAF students on 19th August, 2019.Total 44 students visited BSE. The objective for the visit was to give students basic knowledge of financial planning and investment. The session was very enriching and students learnt through interactive session.

  • Certificate course in Entrepreneurship in financial market in association with Bombay stock exchange brokers forum

Certificate course was conducted for 30 hours for all classes of B.Com (Accounting and Finance).  It was held in the third and fourth week of September 2019. The objective of the course was to develop awareness areas of entrepreneurial abilities in the Stock market. Dr Aditya Srinivas, CEO, BSE brokers forum conducted the course. The topics covered were – What is Securities market & its Instruments, Primary Market, Transaction and settlement period, IPO opportunity, Do’s and Don’ts in a market, Mutual Funds Myths and Realities, Steps in investing in Mutual Funds and Capital and Financial market opportunities.

  • RBI and BSE Visit

Visit to Reserve Bank of India and Bombay stock exchange was organized for FYBAF students on 11th December, 2020. Total 43 students visited RBI and BSE. The main aim of the visit was to give a practical exposure to RBI as a regulator and a currency controller and to give insight about stock exchange operations. Visit was divided into two phases BSE visit and visit to RBI monetary museum.

Other Activities (2018-19):

  • SEBI Visit:

Visit at Securities and Exchange Board of India was organized for SYBAF students on 10thSeptember, 2018.Total 32 students were present. The objective for the visit was to give them a basic knowledge of financial planning and investment which was very well served through interactive session which cleared the difference between saving and investments to them.

  • Investor Awareness Programme:

The programme was conducted on 1st October,2018 at 7th floor auditorium room at 11.00 am.  It was held to develop awareness of students in the areas of Stock market instruments. Students from TYBAF, TYBMS – Finance, SYBAF, and FYBAF took advantage of the programme.

Topics covered were:

  • What is Securities market & its Myths?
  • Primary Market
  • Transaction and settlement period
  • Pricing of a IPO
  • Do’s and Don’ts in a market
  • Mutual Funds Myths and Realities
  • Steps in investing in Mutual Funds
  • Grievance Redressal Mechanism


  • RBI Visit:

Visit to Reserve Bank of India was arranged for FYBAF students on 12th February, 2019.Total 43 students attended the visit. The main aim of the visit was to give a practical exposure to RBI as a regulator and a currency controller. The visit was quite interactive and divided in 3 segments. Firstly, they were shown a documentary film based on evolution of money followed by interactive session on functions of RBI and its monetary policy and lastly a visit to monetary museum to look at various types of money.

A Report of study visit to RBI

Department of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) arranged a study visit to RBI on 11th January, 2018. In all there were 43 students of SYBAF and 3 faculties of BAF department who participated in the visit. The main aim of the visit was to give students a practical exposure of RBI as a regulator and controller of currency. Students appreciated the outcomes and learning experiences of visiting the RBI.

The visit was divided into three segments which is given below:

  1. In the First segment, students were shown 2 documentary films based on evolution of money. The story of money from ancient times till date i.e. the plastic money. The need of Establishing RBI and its role in the currency management was also highlighted through these films.
  2. In the second segment, RBI officials took an interactive lecture based on RBI functions specifically relating to monetary policies adopted.
  3. In the third segment, students were taken to have a look on various metallic, paper and plastic money of all the times in the RBI monetary Museum.

Extempore competition

Department of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) organized ” Extempore” competition on 12th February, 2018. This activity was organized by the BAF students.


The volunteers prepared the whole structure of the extempore competition and all the planning, execution and conduction of the event took place with the help of faculties. In all there were 5 organizers with a team of 12 volunteers

In all 56 students from all faculties registered for the event.

Business Day

Department of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) organises an event Business Day.The event was organized with the motive of inculcating entrepreneurial skill among the students to transform them from student phase to business leader. To understand theoretical accounting concepts practically, students are instructed to prepare Income and Expenditure statement of their business. More than considering such day as an event, it enables the students to exhibit their leadership skill by working in a group as a team.


  • Ability to think on the feet
  • Analysis of the topic and identification of the issue to be addressed
  • Idea generation
  • Prioritization and sequencing displaying logical thinking
  • Ability to connect with the panel
  • Communication skills
  • Overall presentation skills-body language, confidence, poise, composure etc.

For effective extempore speaking – candidates must be fluent and well read.