Gone are the days when Internet was a luxury for young generation today almost 1 out of 3 students are possessing a smart phone with access to different social media accounts. Different studies have shown that student in the age group of 12 to 21 are having excessive access to social networking. In today’s culture, social media are so embedded that people can never take you seriously. All people are on social media-young, old, affluent, poor, etc. When it comes to online socialization, everybody is still in a whirlwind. You can select from several social networks; Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are some of these common networks. Despite social media influence continuing to grow across the world, these networks and their effect on young people have been mixed and how are youth influenced by social media?


The Internet is a world that has no moral or law to uphold. It is an uncontrolled world. Young people are exposed to clear photos of shootings, deaths, rape cases and videos of weapons, abuse and verbal blasts. These types of hardcore-content to which young students are exposed so easily without any restrictions can lead to severe mental problems if it will go on for a long period of time.There is still so much participation through social media. Today, society is packed with people sitting side by side, not talking, but looking at their screens. Young people spend more time with peers on social media than with families, acquaintances and loved ones. When you wake up, their social media pages are the first thing they search. The last thing they check is the notifications before they go to sleep.This contributes to unchecked paranoia as well. Users are fascinated with like and comment and will do whatever they can to get them every day. Some students even go to extent of creating a fake personality to generate more number of followers.Those are dangerous and risky social platforms as well and can be boundaries of violence. Cyber-bullying is the first crime I recall when we’re talking about social media. Many people fake their details and private information in the social media. Social media pose even significant threats to users’ safety. Long and continuous staring on your mobile screen or laptops can cause problems with your eyes. Avid users often lead a life of inactivity and motionlessness. Therefore, they are likely to be prone to obesity and obesity-related conditions such as liver disease,diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease. In fact, socially incompetent they are. They can’t continue communicating or communicate with others in real life or even face to face. Eventually, social media eliminates empathy from their users. We see people getting in trouble, but their misfortunes are recorded and the videos shared on social media in lieu of being assisted by those present. The poster wants attention and comments, while others criticize, ridicule and enjoy the documented person on day to day basis which has even resulted in students committing suicides or suffering a mental set back.


Prof. Pritesh Somani,
Assistant Professor,
BMS Dept,
ALSJ – Anna Leela Degree College, Mumbai

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