Habitual behavior’s to unleash the treasure of happiness in the blindfolded months

Do you know 95% of everything you do each & every day is the result of the habit?


Do you know habits are the key to boost professional career?


Do you know learning new skills stimulate your brain health?


Utilise this tough time wisely to be a game changer so, that your future self will thank you for. Inculcate habit of learning new things, reading books which enrich your knowledge, research on topics, take up new hobbies in addition to studies. Develop new language skills which will help you to be more creative, multitasking and improves your attention span. Workout daily as strong body holds up a strong mind which can combat the challenges of life in stress-free manner. Stimulate your mindfulness thinking by meditating. Be at par with current advancements trends to acquire skills of digitalization and artificial intelligence. Inculcate such healthy habits for your bright tomorrow that gives you an edge to outperform others.


Success or struggle you are the decider of your future as it is rightly said by John Dryden “We should first make our habits then our habits will make us”.


Brains loaded with new ideas, ears loaded with information and hands loaded to create a magic of skills learned, such should be your preparations once the lockdown doors are opened. It’s time to fill the knowledge, new talents and skills which were your reflection but left unexplored due to routine activity constraints. But don’t forget to find an element of fun in whatever routine you learn, rather than merely following others who actually can’t. So friends I have realized mine habits during this period and now it is your turn to let me know how you are getting ready to add some new divine chunk.

Prof. Roshini Udhwani,
BAF dept,

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