Gone are the days when Internet was a luxury for young generation today almost 1 out of 3 students are possessing a smart phone with access to different social media accounts. Different studies have shown that student in the age group of 12 to 21 are having excessive access to social networking. In today’s culture, social media are so embedded that people can never take you seriously. All people are

It’s the time of year when all citizens look forward to celebrate the Independence Day . However, this year i.e the 73rd Independence Day is albeit different in the sense that due to COVID 19 pandemic, the celebrations are not in a grand manner.   The question which is more relevant here is : Whether such nationalism or patriotism is observed by us  citizens only on 2 days a year

Habitual behavior’s to unleash the treasure of happiness in the blindfolded months Do you know 95% of everything you do each & every day is the result of the habit?   Do you know habits are the key to boost professional career?   Do you know learning new skills stimulate your brain health?   Utilise this tough time wisely to be a game changer so, that your future self will

Whenever we hear the word ‘fest’, we engross ourselves into the thoughts of attractive lights, irresistible music, DJs, and also savoring foods. We tend to incline our ideas towards massive crowd, competitions, and cultural diversities which certainly gift us with a huge package of memories. Interacting with different people, trying to understand their ideologies and working with them is the crux of every college fest, which in turn adds spice