Jul 2020

Go Green II

Green is a colour which depicts prosperity, nature and energy. Moreover, green also depicts harmony, growth, freshness, safety and most importantly environment. Along with all other things, green colour also has relaxing power and is also helpful in healing, relaxing and rejuvenating.  We can definitely say that green is not just color, but a way of life.


GO GREEN has become the buzz in today’s time. It has been a part of debate and discussion since a long time. It seems that everywhere, everyone is talking and discussing about going green. But the question still remains. What can we, as general public do? How do we educate ourselves and adopt green living practices. So here are a few basic steps we can follow in our everyday to protect environment. They include conserve energy, reducing waste, using eco-friendly products, creating awareness, planting trees, volunteering for community work, biking more and driving less and so on.


We definitely look forward for organization to use green practices. From companies advertising about going green and changing its product and packaging to reusing and recycling, there is a trend about being environmental friendly. To name a few, McDonald’s, Dell, Google, Bank of America, Tesla Motors, Walmart, Honda, Cummins India, Karnataka Bank, BHEL, Atul Ltd., are some companies with ecofriendly projects.  Here are some details of three organizations and their projects for conserving the environment.


NTERA (NTPC Energy Technology Research Alliance)

NETRA works in the areas of climate change, waste management, carbon capture and Utilization, new & renewable energy. They have the following ongoing projects:

  • NETRA has developed a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) process through multi-institutional collaborative research for separation of CO2 from flue gas.
  • NETRA has taken the initiative for development of algae based process for mitigation of CO2 by converting it in to bio-fuel and other useful products though collaborative research.
  • NETRA is developing the solutions to have zero discharge of waste from NTPC Township by ensuring segregation of waste at source, converting the waste into energy and other useful products.
  • NETRA is also working on Plasma gasification for recovery of Energy from MSW due to its benefit that it can burn any waste with no harmful pollutants.
  • They also have experiential studies conducted in Low Nuclear Reactions Research and Development of super-hydrophobic nano coatings for solar PV panel cleaning.

ITC Social Forestry Westland Development

The Social Forestry Programme to promote pulpwood plantations in Andhra Pradesh and energy security in Karnataka cumulatively covers a total of 33,448 hectares in 1,717 villages, impacting nearly 40,000 poor households. These initiatives not only increased the biomass cover, but also have a salutary effect on agricultural production by preventing soil erosion, and recharging groundwater. They also meet the energy and fodder needs of households and become a sustainable base of raw material for our paper business. Energy plantations were promoted in four districts of Karnataka – Chamrajnagar, Mysore, Hassan and Mandya. Agro-forestry was also introduced by the organization.


Hero Motocorp

Hero MotoCorpbelieves in sound and sustainable environmental practices. The following are the environment friendly projects they have undertaken.

  • Green Roof: The plants of HereMotocorpcover 1,16,500sq meters of green Roof, which helps to conserve energy by moderating the temperature on the roof and within surrounding areas. The green roof can restore aesthetic and ecological value of open urban spaces.
  • Green Bio walls and Green Houses: HeroMotorcorp has developed Green Houses with Green Roof, with Hydroponics technology, in which it requires only 2% of water as compare to actual farming.The green walls Generates Oxygen and gives back to work environment.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant: Hero ensures that sewage is biologically treated to attain efficacy.
  • Zero Liquid Discharge Plant: To prevent water pollution, Hero has also invested in an Effluent Treatment Plant which is capable of treating waste water that contains degreasing chemicals, acidic/ alkaline nature, plating waste, heavy metals and waste oil that is generated out of processes.
  • Rain Water Harvesting: All the plants of HeroMotocorpare equipped with efficient rain water harvesting system which captures the rain water runoff and recharged into the aquifer thereby improving the ground water levels.
  • Energy Conservation: The company has also taken several measures for energy conservation.
Prof. Diti Dave
Asst. Prof. BMS Dept,

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