Likho Magar Swag Se (Writing Tips)

To be honest and to begin with let me tell you I have never won anything in writing skills ever.

So why I am writing this blog ?

Reason I want to point things I possibly see and observe whenever we are reading anything.

Generally we have been taught “Badahai to behterhai” and also answer in Brief (meaning few words) always used to be those big bad questions where huge answers were required.

Also we were taught “definition korattamaro” . Now let me ask how many of you remember any definition you read word to word unless you are a professor teaching the same subject for your entire life. Answer will be zero

So majority of the people who read anything loose interest in things if they are too big in the given context. So “Badahai to behterhai” concept doesn’t work where professionalism is required.

Also if you are writing something which is word to word from a particular place gives readers the feeling “are ye to rattupopathai” and they just glance it and leave it.

So what makes readers engrossed in seeing and reading the content you have written with maximum efforts. First is visual aid if you can justify anything with a visual Aid people see it. For ex you might not have read this entire para but must have seen the text below

V                     A

I                       I

S                      D




Reading becomes easier and more justifiable with some charts , diagrams, bullet points and attractive designs adding to your topic.

Next we are been taught use difficult word to sound professional. I find it difficult to read anything which is beyond my vocabulary.

So by default suggestion is don’t use anything which you feel difficult to understand (comprehend – a difficult word for understand).

Next thing is be to the point and don’t try explaining too much don’t think readers are dum.

Give them a sense of satisfaction or achievement when they are reading what you want to say

Also in professional life whenever you are writing make sure you don’t use confusing words or words which can be interpreted (understood) differently.

In exams or whenever writing any book give examiners / readers what they want rather than what you know.

Keep it as simple as possible and cover maximum details as possible.

The next point is a issue that Next generation I don’t think it will be much of a problem as it is for someone like me and you which will be Handwriting , cancellations and presentation.

Remove some old news paper with text not clearly visible or read try reading from written text with bad handwriting its funny isn’t it. Reading every word feels like solving a quiz. But imagine that in a answer paper . It makes a good Quiz for your examiner . Sometimes spellangmitakes are readable but bad handwriting is not.

Cancellations not only eats your time but also reflects lack of self-confidence and practice. Avoiding this makes any written script look clean and professional.

Presentation are key to any writing work .Imagine writing this para at the start of this blog . None of you would read this much . Also having smaller paragraphs is better for readers then giving a big bad paragraph.

Giving smaller paragraphs gives reader a sense of achievement and also content looks more manageable

Last but not the Least Make your Content “Damdar“ else people wont read it.

So those who have reached till This point Thank you for Reading my blog  and for those who are reading this as the first line . PadloNayahai Yah

CA Amogh Desai
Asst. Prof. BAF
Anna Leela College of Commerce and Economics, Shobha Jayaram Shetty College for BMS

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