Information Explosion in Cyberspace during COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Global Pandemic had induced government of worldwide countries to impose lockdown in their respective countries. Even after unlock phase Educational Institutes are yet closed in India. Most of the schools, colleges and universities are going for online teaching learning as per UNESCO recommendations. As per UNESCO estimations, about 1.5 billion students must currently remain at home. This complex and unpredictable situation has already impacted one’s social interaction in person. Most of us are using online meeting platforms like Google Meets, Microsoft Teams or Zoom Meetings. The Corona virus infection is spreading more day by day. It has prompted Microsoft, Google, and Zoom companies to keep up with demand for their now free work-from-home software. Many business and schools move to online workplace software which has led privacy and information explosion related concerns in cyberspace.

Looking at current COVID-19 Pandemic situation, social distancing will be necessary hereafter in order to keep oneself immune from various infections. An effective way of keeping social distancing is interacting socially using online platform. There are various freely available meeting software on internet. one needs to be aware about pros and cons of using such platforms. Here is the list of few features that one should pay attention.


  1. Security and encryptiondegree-college-blog-image
  2. Multi-Device Support
  3. Recording options
  4. Text chat
  5. Mobile app
  6. Integrated calendar
  7. Video chat
  8. Technical support
  9. Video quality
  10. Screen sharing
  11. Dial-in options
  12. No auto-launch
  13. Audio quality
  14. Web-based application
  15. Flexible and user-friendly
  16. Simplicity (Easy-to-Use Interface)


degree-college-blog1-imageA web conferencing platform allows participants to host or attend the meeting online over internet. it helps customers, clients, remote employees, students, researchers to interrelate online through their phones, tablets, laptops or computers.

According to Microsoft teams official report, there was a 500 percent increase in meetings, calls, and conference usage around the globe as many of employees have been instructed to work from home. The developers have observed that in just a week, their chat volume on Microsoft Teams was up 50 percent, while video and audio meetings were up 37 percent compared with a week earlier. This is where the issue of Information Explosion lays.

Prolonged lockdowns in various countries has caused people to generate more and more content on digital platform. People are posting or sharing lot of digital stuff everyday on Social Media sites. Apart from Social Media sites, YouTube is another platform where people are posting their content. YouTube videos in last 3 months have increased as compared to last year.

Producing data on cyberspace is not a wrong move but the type of Information being shared in cyberspace needs to be understood properly by everyone. One may inadvertently share such information which can treated his/her own fame or name. Your online existence may increase accuracy in traceability of your bearings. Many online apps require login credentials or facial recognition details to be passed while letting you to access their services. Passing such credentials may not be going through secure channel and hence your confidential data may get hacked by malicious people on internet. One should learn to be immune from being invaded by hackers in cyberspace

There needs to be government policies and guideline regarding sharing information in cyberspace. A transparent scenario can be created and the people can be informed about the right steps to take while crating information on digital platform.


Prof. Arti Gavas-Parab
Dept. of Information Technology
Anna Leela College of Commerce and Economics, Shobha Jayaram Shetty College for BMS

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