Student Council


Every year Student Council is formed to foster communication amongstudents, administrators, staff, and the community. In addition to that it is formed to promote, organize and execute activities that encouragestudentpride and institutional spirit. It is a democratic setting, an outlet forstudentexpression, and a forum to represent the student body in all matters pertaining to the betterment of the college and also provide solution of institutions problems. Lastly, they encourage student body and exemplify leadership among their peers.

For The Year 2017-18

Student council committee had organized investiture ceremony on 10th October 2017, where in the members took oath. The chief guest for the program was honorable Chief Administrative Officer HEI Mr. Prakash More. The ceremony was attended by Prof. PrashantShinde and other faculties of ALSJ.

CAO Mr. Prakash More spoke about the responsibility of student council members and various activities that can be undertaken by the student council committee in future.Prof. Prashant Shinde spoke on the leadership qualities which are required in each member of student council as they are the representative of the college. Prof. Prof Archana Patil, Student Council Convener spoke about the how the democratic process was adopted for the selection of members of the student council and also the role of student council committee.

Miss Shruti Bhabal of T.Y.BMM was elected as general Secretory of Student Council 2017-18 and was awarded with the badge, followed by the other members of the council

For TheYear 2016-17

Student Council members are elected representatives of our student body that volunteer in numerous college events such as Jalosh- annual cultural event, sports day, convocation ceremony and other events of the institute. This year started with the selection of student council members through a proper process which included shortlisting of toppers from each class followed by the interview.

The investiture ceremony was conducted on 29th September 2016 for oath taking and designating them. Shri B. R. Shetty, Vice Chairman Bunts Sangha HEC, was invited as Chief Guest for the event. The ceremony was attended by Director UKS Dr. Krishna Shetty, Principal Incharge ALSJ Prof. Prashant Shinde, Chief Administrative officer, HEI Mr. Prakash More and Faculties of ALSJ. Marster Amey Gawade took his oath as General Secretory 2016-17 and was awarded with a badge which was followed by the oath taking & badges distribution of other members of student council.

The members volunteered in following institutional events throughout the academic year 2016-2017:

Sr. No. Event Date No. of Volunteers Task Allocated
1. Annual Sports Day 03/12/2016 36 1. Maintaining Discipline

2. Taking attendance of the students

3. Distribution of food coupons

2. Jallosh-Annual Cultural Event 20/12/2016 36 1. Maintaining Discipline during formal function

2. Coordinating with the faculties for various events

3. Convocation Ceremony 27/02/2017 20 1. Maintaining Discipline

2. Forming of human chain

3. Distributing robes to the students

4. Helping faculties at backstage

4. Research Workshop 11/03/2017 15 1. Helping participants to fill registration form

2. Hospitality management