Research Cell


  • To create zeal amongst students and faculty members towards research and innovation.
  • To work closely with the industrial needs that eventually will result in improved services.


  • To promote research in various departments of the Institute.
  • To ensure smooth functioning and effective Management of R&D at the institution.


  • To conduct an active advocacy program to promote and support research.
  • Enhancement of the research culture of the faculty members and students.
  • Monitoring of progress with research programmes
  • Identify, through surveys and other means, areas of research which may be the subject of research projects.
  • Provide guidance and research related information to the faculty.
  • Organize events, workshops, etc. and cultivate research culture amongst faculty members
  • Provide support to and encourage skill development for interested teaching staff


  • Prof.Prashant Shinde (Principal I/C)
  • Prof.Amandeep Singh Manku
  • Prof. Vidya Kailash Darvesh (Convener)
  • Prof Rupa Patel (Member)
  • Prof Aanchal Jain (Member)
  • Prof Subhash Shingale (Member)

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Workshops/conferences/publications by faculties (2016-17)

Faculty Name Title Name of the College(Workshop/Conference Held),Publisher
Prof.Amandeep Singh Commodity & Derivatives market Sheth Publications
Prof.Kiran Gajjar Skill Gap Analysis between Industry Emloyblity Lala LajpatRai College,Mumbai
Prof.Kiran Gajjar Understanding the nuances of Indian Accounting Standards Anna Leela College of commerce & economics,Mumbai
Prof.Kiran Gajjar Importance of Environment Accounting J.Watumull Sadhubella Girls College Mumbai
Prof.Kiran Gajjar E-banking in India A path toward Vision Ramanand Arya College Mumbai
Prof.Kiran Gajjar Need benefits & Drawbacks of FDI in Indian Higher Education Laxmi book publications Mumbai
Prof.Kiran Gajjar Indian Corporate Environmental Accounting practice: the issues 7 challenges Guru Nanak College of arts, science 7 commerce, Mumbai
Prof.Kiran Gajjar Enhancing Quality in higher education :Challenges & issues Ramanand Arya DAV College, Mumbai
Prof.Surekha Shetty Make In India opportunities & challenges K.M.Agrawal College,Mumbai
Prof.Surekha Shetty NET SET Examination Guidance S.M.Shetty College ,Mumbai
Prof.Nitin Dwivedi Impact of Make in India campaign on human Resource practices K.M.Aggarwal College of Arts commerce & Science, Mumbai
Prof.Manoj Verma Traditional Exercises for Fitness & mental Health of junior college Lambert Publishing
Prof.Manoj Verma Effect of Traditional Exercises Training Programme on Mental health of junior College DAV College ,Chandigarh
MR.Tukaram Waghmare Role Of Librarians in21st Century Knowledge Management System DeviPrasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies


Research Cell ofAnna Leela College of Commerce & Economics, organized a One Day State Level Workshop on”Research Methodology & Research Proposal for Ph.D”On 11 th March, 2017 that is on Saturday

Organizing Committee Members included :

  • Prof. Prashant Shinde (Principal I/C)
  • Prof. Lekha Dhagat (Convener)
  • Prof. Amandeep Singh Manku (Member)
  • Prof. Sachin Pimple (Member)
  • Prof. Krishna Shukla (Member)
  • Prof. Nitin Dwivedi (Member)
  • Prof. Viraj Deshpande (Member)

Workshop Venue:Room No 421

Resource Persons-

Dr.Shridhar Shetty (Principal,S.M.Shetty College,Powai)

Dr.Kishori Bhagat (Vice Principal,Pragati College Of Arts and Commerce,Dombivali)

Prof.Ajay Saraf (“˜REGIONAL DIRECTOR WLC College India Ltd).

This workshop was designed to offer the practical guidelines and direct the researchers through all the stages of research from identifying a research problem to the report writing,research article reports and project proposals etc.It intended to deal with avariety of quantitative and qualitative research methods.By the end programme helped in developing conceptual clarity and practical knowledge to undertake quality research and writing good research papers field and to acquire expertise in identifying appropriate statistical tools for different types of research objectives.It also throws lights on the rationale behind the application of different statistical techniques.To help participants to choose the right methodology for their research study.

The core objective of the workshop was to equip the research scholar with set of skills & potentially to undertake the research very effectively in various disciplines. Dr. Sridhar Shetty said Research has own entity so scholars should refer as may books as possible. Title should be smart, catchy, comprehensive & specific. Introduction should be 2-3 pages. Review of literature is source for the hypothesis & objective.Under research & over research areas both areas can be if scope of research is possible, research methodology depends on nature of the study.Justification of title is essential. Finally chapter classification would include technical details, finding interpretation, suggestive, scope and conclusion.

Dr. Kishori Bhagat emphasized finding solution to identified problem& spoke about language & style research problem which should be finalized with consultation to expert .Hypothesis should have objectivity conceptual clarity .Research design which is road map should be step by step while in bibliography citation and reference should be mentioned properly. Prof Ajay Saraf spoke about hypothesis and gave them thumb rules related to null and alternate hypothesis. He also elaborated methods of testing & statistical tools.