Reports on Vismaya 2018

On the successful completion of 10 years, Bunts Sanghas Anna Leela College of Commerce and Economics and ShobhaJayaram Shetty for BMS, launched its first fest by the nomenclature “Vismaya”. The Fest was phenomenal blending of Cultural, sports and Entertainment sub events. Vismaya was held on three consecutive days i.e. 17th, 18th and 19th December 2018.

On 17thDecember, the fest begins with Inaugural Ceremony followed by various sub events arranged in different halls, rooms and Buntara Bhavan Auditorium. Intercollegiate competitions were held in which all department students participated enthusiastically. Intercollegiate events consisted of Performing arts, Fine arts, computer games and management games etc.

On 18th December and 19th December, the intercollegiate events both for junior and degree colleges were arranged. There were different colorful events like performing arts, fine arts, sports, Computer games, management games etc. Business day was also celebrated wherein the students put their own stalls like food stall or game stalls. Overall, 18 Junior colleges and 28 degree colleges from different parts of Mumbai participated in different events on both the days. There were more than 2000 footfalls in the entire fest. Great zeal and overwhelming support of staff, students and participants contributed to the successful organization of Fest.