Department of Mass Media

Media plays an important role in the day to day life. Not only traditional media but New Age Media also has occupied our lives thoroughly. Considering the changing scenario in the media industry, University of Mumbai has also decided to make certain positive changes in the course; to start with, the nomenclature of Bachelor of Mass Media has changed to Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia and Mass Communication (BAMMC).

Departmental activities are usually started with an Orientation program for FYBAMMC students which introduced them with the college, course and various other activities throughout the year which they will be part of.

BAMMC Creative Wall


  • BMM Wall:

The Department came out with a page on the topic Gaming which highlighted about Gaming as an addiction, the disadvantages and advantages of gaming. The department also created a video taking us through the popular 90s Video games.

  • Webinar on Career Prospects and Opportunities after BAMMC:

The Department on 2nd August, 2021 organized a webinar to let students explore the various career fields they can choose after completing their BAMMC Course. The webinar was conducted by by Ms. Prachi Vakyani, Assistant Professor RJ College, deptartment Of Mass Media

  • Webinar on Life Inside Media:

The department on 24th January, 2022, in collaboration with O.P Jindal Global University conducted an exclusive session on Life inside Media, conducted by Prof. Kishalay Bhattacharjee, Executive dean, Jindal school of journalism & Communication and an Eminent Journalist and Former Resident Editor of NDTV

  • Film Appreciation Workshop

The Zoom meeting was held on 17/06/2020 with guest lecturers Prof. Santosh Pathare and Prof. Chetan Mathur attended by all our faculties including our Principal Dr. Padma Deshmukh. The webinar was organized in order to make students aware of various cinematic cultures followed across the globe.

  • Meme Competition

Another BMM department activity named “So You Think You can MEME” was organized on 24/09/2020. The activity was organized in the view to bring out the humorous creativity amongst the BMM students. The activity was open for all; hence participants from other college were also included into it. Winners were awarded with cash prize.

  • Documentary screening

The department of multimedia & Mass communication and Internal Complaint Committee in association with American Library organized a documentary screening “I am a girl- girls around the world on 11th February, 2021 from 12.00 to 2.30 pm. The documentary highlighted issues of gender equality, domestic abuse, mental health and family planning. The documentary was followed by an interactive session with Mrs. Ami Eichenberg, Deputy Immigrant Visa Chief and U.S Consulate, General Mumbai, wherein she enthusiastically shared her opinion on questions posed by the students and stimulated students to put forth their opinion and thoughts as well.

  • BMM Wall

The department came out with a page titled the History of International Women’s Day in the month of February, 2021 and importance of a photograph or a picture.


  • Envisage: Poster Exhibition

The department of Mass Media, ICC and the Anti-ragging committee hosted “ENVISAGE”, a poster exhibition addressing the social issues on 9th August 2019. ‘Envisage’ means the vision of the future. Through various posters on social issues, students depicted the concerns and understanding of the social realities and presaged the society regarding future menace. The objective of the exhibition was not only to address the social issues but also to suggest ways to restraint them. More than 250 students from various streams appreciated and gave written comments about the exhibition.  The posters signified the creativity and the social responsibility of the students across all the streams of Anna Leela College.

  • First Visit to American Library:

Department of Mass Media organized a visit to the Dosti house of the American Library on 19th September 2019 for a hands-on workshop on creative writing by Ms. Gargi Sarkar, Author, and Access micro-scholarship mentor. 45 students from SYBMM and TYBMM and two faculties Prof.Sucheta Gandhi and Prof.JesusanIssac attended the workshop. It consisted of number of activities that kept the students actively involved throughout the event. The students were divided into various groups and they were able to create a fictional story by the end of the workshop.

  • Second Visit to American Library:

Visit to Dosti House at American Library was organized by the Department of Mass Media on 13th February 2020. Students participated in the workshop on fake news, media literacy, and the shifting media landscape. Digital channels present remarkable opportunities, but also many challenges. Lately, it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish credible news sources from unreliable ones. In the workshop, students were informed regarding ‘how to evaluate information’ and various tools available so that students can be their own fact-checkers. The workshop very effectively highlighted the importance of fact-checking and being an active audience in today’s time.

  • Visit to Arena Multimedia:

Students of the Department of Mass Media visited Arena Multimedia in two batches on 18th Jan and 19th Jan 2020. 105 students visited to understand various possibilities and opportunities in the new age media field. Students were being given a demo of video editing and exposed to various new techniques in media.

  • Vist to Nashik:

Department of Mass Media has organized one-day Educational Tour to regional newspaper ‘Lokmat’ in Nashik on 4th March 2020. Two faculties accompanied 66 students to learn and understand the working of Print Media and the entire printing process. Students visited various departments of Lokmat and studied the functions of each department practically.


Other Departmental activities:

  • BMM Wallpaper: Mind’s Eye

Students of the Department of Mass Media initiated to create a monthly Wall Paper named Mind’s Eye. The idea is to provide them a platform to showcase their creativity, views, and opinions regarding society. Every month’s wallpaper will consist of a theme, which depicts contemporary and relevant issues to media students. The wallpaper portrays the views and ideas of Media students. Department has already come up with four wallpapers with various themes. First wallpaper was on Students memories and experiences of their first day of college which was inaugurated by Principal ma’am on5th October 2019, then other wallpapers comprised of issues like Human Rights, Women’s rights in respective months.

  • Social Media Campaign by Third Year students:

As a part of their social responsibility, third-year students conducted Social Media Campaign on various social issues in the college foyer on 5th Oct. 2019. The social issues were Water Conservation, Girl Child Education, Drinking, and Driving Issues, Street Animal exploitation, poverty-related issues, and cleanliness. Students arranged various activities for the students of the college through which they promoted their topics and contributed towards society. As media students, they feel responsible for all the right and wrong happening in the society. It was an initiative from the students for a better society and future.

  • Panel Discussions:

Media serves as the eyes and ears of the masses. As Media students, they need to be the jack of all. The purpose of a panel discussion is to stimulate thoughts and discussions which clarify thinking in because of several opinions. The objective is to make them think and present opinions very confidently in front of other students. The panel is of students and the audiences are other students, faculties just work as moderators. Department has initiated its first panel discussion on 10th Dec 2019 on the occasion of Human Rights Day. On 14th Jan 2020 the discussion on CAA and NRC was held with the panel of the second year and third year’s students.

  • Expert Lecture:

Department has organized Expert Session on Production Process in Media on 5th Feb. 2020  by Karthikeyan Iyer, Director, Digi Osmosis- Digital and Social Media Agency. Students from FY, SY, and TY availed the opportunity to comprehend the process of production in all the available platforms of Media. They were informed regarding various stages in the production process. Various Expert lectures are held for the students.

  • Online Webinar:

Lockdown did not stop the departmental activities. The Department has organized an online Webinar on Expectations of the Advertising Industry from Students by Prof. Dr. Hanif Lakdawala on 29th April 2020. 80 Students from various colleges attended the webinar. Students were informed regarding the advertising agency and the requirements of the industry from students. The webinar was to make students industry-ready.


BAMMC Activities

  • LGBT interview:

The students of FY SY and TY BMM interviewed a Tran’s woman, who calls herself Anjali instead of her original birth name Ajay, a woman who is trapped in a man’s body on 24th August, 2018 and a transgender, whom everyone calls lovingly as Amma on 2nd September 2018. The students framed a questionnaire and asked questions to them based on their childhood, work life, family, friends, challenges and difficulties faced by them coming to terms with their identity, challenges faced by them currently and while growing up, being bullied and harassed by others in all walks of life and other like questions. The summary of the interview was published in the college’s BMM department newsletter, Inside Us. The interview was shot by the students and later edited as well as a part of learning. Students were thus involved in scripting, shooting, interviewing, editing and reporting, thus exposing them to various basic elements of Mass media.

  • Seminar on Event management:

The BMM department of Anna Leela College of commerce and economics organized a seminar on event management on 26th July, 2018. Mr. Benoj Mathews, founder and CEO of Galore Enterprises took the students of BMM, BMS and B.com through the integrities of event management which was followed up by an activity session to better understand how events can be conducted and handled smoothly

  • Dharavi Visit with the students for Newsletter:

A field trip was conducted on 5th July 2018 to Dharavi, Mumbai with the selected SYBMM and TYBMM students for the purpose of creating the newsletter and documentary. Ten students from SYBMM and two students from TYBMM were present for the same. The team first visited a leather industry where wallets and purses were made. The owner of the industry was interviewed and asked in detail about the various aspects of leather business, the production, their competitors in the market, the duration of the process, etc. The interview was shot by the students in order to create a documentary.

  • Bollywood Day Celebration:

On the Occasion of World Bollywood Day on 24th September 2022, Students Celebrated the long legacy of Bollywood Cinema by celebrating Bollywood Diwas, they kept a live photography exhibition of various elements of Bollywood. Students dressed like famous Bollywood characters, participated in a Bollywood Ramp walk followed by some performances.

  • Film Analysis Workshop:

Every once or twice a month we conduct a Film Analysis workshop in which all the classes take part. With the help of experts we analyze various elements of the film right from parallel cinema to main stream cinema

  • Social Awareness Day:

The department conducts a People and Animal Wellbeing Service (PAWS) day to develop a sense of humility, Humbleness and Understanding amongst the students. It mostly happens in the month of February

  • Awards Night:

Every year end the department hosts BAMMC awards night to congratulate and celebrate Students Achievements over the year.

Events & Activities:

Using the basic principles of advertising, marketing, journalism, creative thinking, etc., the BMM department enables their students to organize varied inter & intra college events and activities such as:

  • Departmental Specialty MEDIA CLUB
  • Departmental Specialty Media Skill Development Sessions
  • BAMMC Committee’s allotment i.e. Photography, Events, Admin & Social Media
  • Official Students handled BAMMC Instagram Page (ALSJ Media Club)
  • Official Students handled BAMMC Cloud Radio & Podcast – THE GEN Z TALKS
  • Official Students handled BAMMC Social Media News Channel – Broadcast Monthly Masala (BMM) News
  • Official Students made BAMMC annual Magazine – AAGHAZ; Inside Us
  • Intercollegiate BAMMC Event
  • JALLOSH Intercollegiate Fest
  • Special Short Film Makings
  • Industrial Visits
  • Students Year Book

Job Opportunities and Scope

With BAMMC, you have a variety of career options to choose from. Here are a few suggestions which could help you choose the right career.


The advertising sector is booming industry. An advertisement can make or break a brand and advertisers are their key to success. If you are a person who thinks out of the box, then think no further, this is your calling.


Journalists are considered to be tough as well as nosy. While some say journalists in our country only report what they are paid to print, this is slowly changing thanks to social media platforms. There are many genres viz. politics, sports, entertainment, stock & shares, environmental awareness, social causes, crime, travel, etc. If you want to see your thoughts and ideas coming to life in print, if you want to make a difference to the current journalism standards, this should be your specialization.


While there are many who think that the radio was a thing of the past, think again! With trendy new radio stations constantly competing for listener’s attention, the radio has amassed a large group of regular followers. The radio jockey entertains the public with sheer wit and interesting information. You can also be a show producer, podcast producer, broadcast assistant, etc. Sound interesting?


While studying BAMMC, students are exposed to the artistic world of theatre. If you have a natural flare for acting, the course allows you to explore opportunities and through various college fests and competitions, will allow you to develop a niche in the domain of acting.


Newspapers are the daily dose of information on different topics around the globe. Although it’s not necessary to be a journalist to write articles in a newspaper, if you have a flare for writing and can cover up daily news or events in neighboring areas, express your thoughts or even contribute interesting articles.


The film industry or motion picture industry comprises the technological and commercial institutions of filmmaking, i.e., film production companies, film studios, cinematography, animation, film production, screenwriting, pre-production, post production, film festivals, distribution, and actors. If you have an interest in entering this industry BAMMC can be your starting point.


Social media refers to user-created content (audio, text and video, multimedia) that is published and shared online. It is also the online technology that allows users to share content and communicate with one another. Social media has changed how we live our lives and affected how nearly every industry does business. People use social media to stay informed, compare and buy products, and keep in touch with family and friends. Companies also use social media to reach customers. They have in-house social media departments or hire consulting firms to help them develop a social media strategy, market their products, and manage their profile across various types of social media. Nonprofits and government agencies use them to spread information about their programs and services.


Events industry comprises of various small-scale or large-scale corporate or personal events such as festivals, formal parties, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, and others. The events industry includes event planning and event management that comprises of site selection, budgeting, scheduling, and others. Even during the pandemic events industry did not shut down completely and Online Events started taking place


Cinematography is the art of motion picture photography. Cinematographers use a lens to focus reflected light from objects into a real image that is transferred to some image sensor or light-sensitive material inside a movie camera. The Photography industry encompasses companies and individuals that offer a range of photographic services, including still photography and videography for private events. Commercial and portrait photography studios are also included in this industry. So if you have an interest in capturing moments then this is the industry for you.


 So hurry up and Join ALSJ College’s BAMMC department to full develop yourself and make yourself Media Ready.


Adjour, is a mix of 2 ingredients of mass media- namely advertisement and journalism.

Adjour, an inter-collegiate event conducted by the department of BMM department of Anna Leela College of commerce and economics and Shobha Jayaram Shetty College for BMS, held on 17th February 2018, went on marking a great success. It witnessed participation of around 12 colleges like Acharya College, SIES nerul, VES, Andrews etc. The theme of adjourn 2018 was: – villains and comedians. Many prominent personalities from the field of media were present to grace and judge the event.

Miss Vibha Singh, a senior journalist in times of India conducted a seminar on the various career prospects in journalism and also judged the event on crime reporting.

Miss Archita Barve, newsreader on AIR and a dubbing artist for many cartoons and movies such as bob the builder, Donald duck, Agabay Aricha judged the dubbing event, along with Arun Shinde, a actor and comedian. Rajendra Patankar, having an industry rich experience in radio, having worked with AIR and Doordarshan judged the RJ event. Photography event was judged by Ganesh Wanare, a famous street photographer .A cappella which was a musical event was judged by Neil Vijaysingh who is a co-producer for Bollywood movies.