Bachelor of Mass Media

Course composition: (3 year Degree course; Total of 6 Semesters, 2 Semesters per year)

This 3 year Degree course offered by the University of Mumbai, was first introduced in the year 2009-10 at Anna Leela College of Commerce and Economics, giving student the opportunity to specialize in the field of Media. With a yearly intake of 60 pupils, admission to the course is conducted as per the guidelines and schedules announced by the University of Mumbai.

Media has perhaps played the most powerful role in History, Politics, Economics & Society. It is not limited to being a tool of communication anymore. In our present day world, media- broadcast and print media in particular, are considered mainly to be entities that reflect the face of the society as it exists today. Since it plays a vital role, it is the fundamental responsibility of us academicians to equip students with the necessary skill to excel in various genres of media like Print, Radio, Television, Cinema, Internet etc.

We at ANNA LEELA, aspire to promote originality, creativity, commitment, dedication & passion in our media students by giving them ample opportunities to learn and excel in their area of choice. Our aim is to train students to understand the significance of making every voice heard, every image seen & every opinion counted.

Specialization offered

  • Advertising
  • Journalism will be offered from next academic year.

Guest lectures and workshops:

Special Lectures and workshops, field visits, live projects etc., are organized for students to help them better understand the practical aspects of theory learned, as well as give them industrial insight. Experts are invited to share their knowledge with our students. The following areas are illuminated through these sessions:

  • MAAC workshop
  • Photoshop & Photography Workshops
  • Expert Guidance Lectures on
    • Journalism
    • Public Relation
    • Advertising
    • Filming and Photography

Events & Activities:

Using the basic principles of advertising, marketing, journalism, creative thinking, etc., the BMM department enables their students to organize various inter & intra college events and activities such as:

  • PICSO- Photography event to let students showcase their photography skills
  • PINTURA- T-shirt making competition in collaboration with Ek Koshish, a social awareness committee.
  • ADJOUR- Event covering JOURNALISM and ADVERTISING workshops and competition
  • FILM CLUB- screening of various movies and discussions for understanding cinema
  • IN SIDE USannual media news letter