This new millennial generation saw spectacular transformation in the area of corporate world, Job requirements and job seeking and the bridge between industry and academics. On one hand, we have youth undergoing education and training and skills development and on other hand, we have industry ready to absorb the right person at the right place. So the advent of HR based practices become very significant in order to provide a match between demand and supply. The generation Z is pretty much indulged in self skilling and undertaking freelancing activities as they dislike the bossing tendencies and 9 to 5 commitments.

The self made person is the new concept infused in the young blood, so building one’s own profile and incorporating it into proper curriculum vitae and finding ones own platform of showcasing it is very important . Here comes the importance of social site like LinkedIn which is predominately for professional connection and makes it easy to fetch to present one’s profile for available  job domain.

LinkedIn is the platform or social site for connecting professionals from various spheres. Not only it avails the benefit of networking but also for collaborating in different areas like HRM practices, Skill Development, Publication of important articles, Job search, learning, business tie ups etc.

The following are the benefits of LinkedIn for a new Incumbent:

  • Build a strong profile and brief your strengths and competencies:

LinkedIn profile enables you to add competencies under different heads highlighting educational and professional background.

  • Job search engine:

It works as a market of job seekers and job providers so serves as connecting link between the both.

  • Skills and Endorsements:

LinkedIn enables professionals to share skills and endorse different projects among each other based on the capabilities and competencies.

  • Team building:

Connections based on mutual benefits come together to build virtual teams in order to mutually finish a task.

  • Publications and articles:

There are various forms of news published in the form of industrial articles which enhance and upgrade ones knowledge.

  • Create or join LinkedIn groups:

There are various groups of information and knowledge based  on LinkedIn which enables you to be part of them and thus one can be abreast of current happenings and expert heads discussing meaningful gamut.

  • Blogging and Idea Sharing:

Provide your creative contents and brainstorm different ideas with the industry and corporate chunk of people.

Dr. Kiran Menghani,

Department of Bachelor of Accounting & Finance,
ALSJ Degree College

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