This Pandemic has brought significant changes in the field of education. As a result, we find many challenging aspects as well as opportunities taking place to connect with the student community and provide a platform for teaching learning process. The traditional mode of teaching and learning has come a long way and has established for ages. It’s effectiveness and reach can be close to perfection. But time has come for us to take a call and whole-heartedly look at the future. The present environment has pushed us back and made us think. Definitely one may suggest online mode for teaching and learning. But are we ready for it?


It’s not just teachers who need to be comfortable about online education, but the students also do have their say about this. Not that all students have similar abilities and skills. One need to understand that students are also mentally and physically prepared for this kind of education. This is where the traditional education has upper hand. But the current situation has restricted our movements and locked us inside our homes to stay safe. However, the process of education cannot stop and take a pause. We have to work on all possible options to bridge the gap between teachers and learners.


Initially we find things very difficult to come to terms with the online mode since we have to adapt to modern technology. Traditional view does find it awkward and uncomfortable to adjust to the virtual environment. More so delivering lectures from home also pose its own challenges like, noise, un-interrupted power and data supply, availability of gadgets and proficiency in using these gadgets. The same challenges are applicable to the student’s community also. But once these things are in favourable condition, you can enter into a wonderful world of effective learning. The use of technology has also motivated teachers to introspect and polish their skills for enhancement of effective delivery. Teachers can use many facilities available in online mode like sharing of links, videos, PPTs and other tools to ensure students are closely following the lectures and stay focused.

I have listed some of the areas as a preparation plan for effective online teaching. Make a checklist and go on ticking the boxes. Once done with all one can sail through and reach the destination.

  1. Check functioning of apps and gadgets prior to actual lecture
  2. Give a trial before any major online activity
  3. Ensure un-interrupted internet data supply
  4. Power Backup in the form of UPS
  5. Authenticity and fulfilment of cyber security norms by service provider
  6. Noise free space for lectures
  7. Positive mind-set towards online teaching
  8. Teachers and students’ orientation about cyber security and awareness
  9. Vigilance and monitoring
  10. Regular interaction, feedback and corresponding improvements/upgradation


Thought needs to be given to the security and protective environment which is needed for effective and safe delivery of teaching learning process. But one thing is sure that the future definitely holds a prominent place for online teaching. At the same time the traditional classroom has its own way which cannot be denied by anyone either.


It is the teachers who lead their students in a progressive and sustainable world.The present crisis can get over in some time but online education has a long journey. So fasten your seat belts and get ready for a smooth take-off.


Dr. Prashant Madhukar Shinde
Assistant Professor
Anna Leela College of Commerce and Economics, Shobha Jayaram Shetty College for BMS
Kurla, Mumbai

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