(Role of Teacher as Guide, Friend and Philosopher)





Teachers are considered as second most influential entity in the life of a child after parents. They, along with parents, respected and considered as GOD in Indian mythology. This exemplifies the role of the teacher in the life of student. They are the most influential people in the world of child. Teachers can be role models for children when they are young. Their role is not limited to classroom teaching, but it extends to building up the character of the child in wholesome. Teacher must and does teach about obedience, truthfulness, justice, grace, compassion, brotherhood, cooperation, social service, honesty, good character. As they grow and experience the world outside the classroom, some of the values seem to be too idealistic to them. Their Peers at school also diffuse boldness about cheating, lying, stealing, and consideration for others. Though there are rules and regulations and the educational institutions impart the value education to the children in an informal way. Still they play a major role in developing ethical behaviour in children.


The role of the college teachers is more challenging as they already have certain sets of beliefs and values. The role of the teacher, here, becomes more of a guide, friend, and philosopher who deal with them in getting into their shoes. They need to become a second parent to those students, many times a social worker, a psychologist, a therapist, and a simple listener. When they enter into higher education, they need not to know only about their professional roles and behaviour, but also to be a responsible citizen and a good human being.


Education is a process of all-round development of a student. The term for the teachers has changed to facilitators but in reality, they are the potter, architect and designers of students’ lives. They try to set the examples in front of students. They not only make them industry ready but also make them life ready. The life is full of materialism, frustration, bewilderment and without the art of living with one another. In such world, teaching student or rather guiding students in the right direction is a herculean task. Teachers need to be strict sometimes to teach them the values of life. They motivate them to achieve and acquire which seem difficult.


Sometimes students just need few words of appreciation or a tap on shoulder to accomplish their goals in life. Teachers understand and fulfill the expectations of the students by providing them the platform which will enable them to succeed. So the role of the teacher is of paramount importance. Lastly, it is a two-way process. No teacher can imbibe values and habits unless students are receptive and open minded. They should be like blotting paper that absorbs the best of the knowledge given by the teacher. Students and we all shall walk on the path of the motto…

Prof. Sachin Pimple
NAAC Coordinator,
BMS Coordinator,

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